Dream Home: The Guest Room

One of the things I’ve been really insistent on for our new
house is having a beautiful guest bedroom that people will want to come and
stay in. Jim really does not get this (he thinks they should just be happy they
have a bed not a blow-up mattress – men!) but I think there is something really
lovely about having a space that people will look forwards to visiting. Also, I
have spent far too much time on Pinterest and have more ideas than one master
bedroom allows. 

Our guest room budget is pretty small, given that it’s the room we’ll mostly likely be shutting the door to and being content in knowing it’s sorted, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make a big impact with some lovely pieces and when I saw the current competition from Hilary’s Blinds to redo a bedroom, I thought I’d have to enter.
We’re really lucky in that our guest room is really rather
big. Big enough that we have been able to add a king sized bed to the room (we already had this) and
a giant wardrobe (a hand-me-down) and it’s still got loads of space left over for me to play

I want to keep the room really simple and relaxing, elegant
but comfy. A boudoir rather than a room. I’ve already got some lovely lights
that are super fancy (you just tap their base to turn them on) and I’ve earmarked some artwork from our current collection for the walls too, but there are still some
bits that I am dreaming of to make the room lovely. Here are some of the essentials that our guest room needs to include;

1. A blackout blind is a must for the guest room. I know what
I am like with sleeping in light rooms, so we have to block out the light for
guests. This Monochrome blind from Hilary’s would be just perfect. 2. The
carpet in the room is pretty dire, and whilst it’s not in our budget to be
replaced just yet, having something for guests to sink their feet into when
they get up would be a must. 3 As would curtains to fit around the blind. I
love the look of a window with layers and sometimes, if you’re just getting changed, you
don’t want a pitch black room, so a light curtain over the window too would be
ideal. 4. I love the idea of having a full stocked  guest room, with big fluffy towels, carafe of
water for guests, and midnight snacks and pretty jars full of any toiletries
they might need, plus magazines or books, and maybe a guide to Sheffield for
infrequent visitors to the city. This bar cart come guest room organiser has
everything you could possibly need. 5. And to finish it off in style, simple,beautiful bedding, filled with a soft duvet and fluffy pillows of course.

Some other bits that I would love to include in the room is a nice dressing table, the room has a chimney breast in it, and I’d love to add a floating dressing table in one of the recessed spaces, with a big fancy mirror above it for guests to get ready at. The room also needs loads of plugs. I know how annoying it is to not be able to charge your phone because of a lack of plugs. And a big comfy chair , a bit like this one from Loaf for chilling out in when guests need a bit of alone time, probably from Flash! 
What are your guest room must haves?


  1. I love greys – I always find them so relaxing, even the darker shades. I love the idea of having that cart too, especially with the books, magazines and a guide, that's so practical but helpful. Our three bed house is now a one bed because we took over the other two with an office and the records. Ooops.

    1. Our 4 bed house is really a 2 bed as we've used the top floor for a craft room and Jim has a 'man cave' (a room with a desk in the middle – eh? and a load of bags for life full of dvd's scattered about the floor!) We've added futons to them both but in reality they aren't proper bedrooms, but they'll do for occasional guests!

      Is there a space you could add a futon? We found ours pretty cheap on ebay and they're in really good condition!

  2. I love the idea of a guest cart even thought we have people to stay, at most, 3 times a year. We only have two bedrooms plus a tiny annex (which we're making into a sewing room-come-office) so the guest bedroom ends up being a bit of a dumping ground for stuff like drying racks full of clothes. Nor the peaceful haven I want it to be!

    1. Oh, ours currently contains ladders, drying clothes, curtains that one day will go in the living room, a trunk of shoes that I rarely wear and have told Jim I no longer am in possession of but can't part with…….it's not that relaxing yet – but one day!

  3. I have always loved the idea of having a guest room (I still live with roomies so my guests have to put up with the fold down couch in our lounge) and especially having the little cart of supplies for them. So cute.

    This colour pallet is just what I'd want in my own room — soothing and neutral.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

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