Dream Home: The Bedroom

I’ve been a bit distant recently as we found out that we’ve finally got a move date of the 30th. So after 8 months of waiting and waiting and wondering if it would even happen at all, we’ve exchanged contracts and I’ve been surrounding myself in boxes and bubblewrap and an air of panic! I’m not going to spend too much time going on and on about the buying process, I know it’s dull and no-one wants to hear it, so lets get back to the important things, how we’ll decorate the place!

The main bedroom in the house we’re buying is huge compared to the house we’re in now. Maybe twice the size so there will be so much we can do with the room, it even has an old fireplace in it, which I am very excited about (It also has loads of very 80’s built in wardrobes that need ripping out which probably mean for the first few months we’ll be setting up camp in the back bedroom, but hey, that’s no hardship for an awesome room is it?)

The house isn’t quite ours yet, but it’s very exciting to start planning how we’ll be filling the space. I love the dark grey of our bedroom at the moment, although I’m wondering if it’d be boring to carry that theme over to the new house? I’m wondering if I should keep it quite neutral with pops of colour in the accessories so it doesn’t shock my poor eyes every morning or whether I should go bold bold bold. I’ve been thinking maybe something in blue, I mean, who wouldn’t love a nautical bedroom? (Would a nautical bedroom AND bathroom be overkill?)

Here are a few of the images that have caught my eye on Pinterest – check out the beautiful fireplaces for one. And the monochrome. And the Compbolini unit. Swooooon.
Again, another stunning fireplace arrangement, and I love the neutrals, but doesn’t that bright room stand out!

Here are a few more with a couple of pops of colour that I love. Even though I think neutral will be where I go, I love the turquoise room below too – and turquoise is totally a neutral colour, right?

What do you recommend for bedroom decorations?


  1. Firstly congrats on the move date, how exciting! Secondly turquoise is totally a neutral, yes!!! I reckon neutral with pops of colour is definately the way to go. Whatever you decide, have fun choosing! x

  2. Huge congratulations on exchanging, I can only imagine how 8 months of waiting would take it's toll! I bet you can't bloody wait! I have no tips as I've only ever rented, but I'm all for making your bedroom a tech free room and filling it with meaningful and restful items – the more plush pillows and candles the better x

    1. I love the idea of a tech free bedroom, Jim however will have different ideas – he'll be trying to jam it full of an much tech as possible!

  3. Congrats on the move date – I hope it all finises out well! The house we have an offer on has really small bedrooms (but it make up for it having two huge family rooms) so i'm hunting out ideas for small bedroom revamps, kind hard when we have so much stuff. Always a fan of accent walls though!

    1. Our room now is very small, it's only our bed and some drawers in it – we saved space by turning the box room into a dressing room and putting the wardrobe in there. It also means as I get ready agggggges before Jim I don't wake him with my faffing!

  4. Happy days, a move date! You must be so chuffed :o)
    We'll be in the same boat too at the start of July so if you find some amazing, earth shatteringly awesome way to decorate a whole house between now and then that would be bodacious. But whilst we're on the topic, no nautical bathroom/bedroom is not too much and yes turquoise is neutral – go nuts!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. So glad you think turquoise is a neutral too. I kind of want it everywhere but can't decide where to start!
      I'm hoping I find the money to decorate everything……need to get the roof looked at so a huge bit of our budget will be eaten up there!
      Good luck for July! x

  5. This is all so exciting! I really love the bedroom image on the top left – if I was redoing my bedroom now, that what I would go for. Can't wait to see more pics!x wineandolives.co.uk

    1. I was thinking that sort of colour scheme for the 2nd bedroom, making it all warm and plush for guests! x

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