Day 31

I can not believe it is the last day of August, and the last day of the August Break. 
Where has the month gone? 

This morning I woke up at my parent’s house after a late night. The trip to the hospital left my plans of returning to Leeds to prepare myself for work in tatters and so the day started an hr earlier than I had anticipated, but I got to see the sunrise from my old bedroom window, which I used to love. 

I’ve also loved the structure the August Break has given me, so I am hoping to participate in Miss B’s next Souvenir Foto School Class – it’s got an A-Z theme that I am really looking forwards to – you can read more about it here. {Although I am on my jollies at the end of the month and we have crazy internet access at the moment so it might be a case of uploading through the dial up, stealing the boys downstairs internet, or resorting to phone pics!}

I am off back to the hospital tonight so I shall say it now – it’s been great meeting all of you August Breakers. Hope we meet again soon. 

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