Day 30

Views from around the marina in the early morning. 

We left for the north again today.The journey back by car to my parents is 6 ½ hours. On a good day. Not a bank holiday.

Luckily we didn’t hit any big traffic jams but we did see one crash that had just just happened – scary stuff. A galloping cow. A whole bunch of Honda motorbikes pulling all variety of things – including a trailer with a dog in it and another pulling a caravan and a lost canoe.

The bank holiday traffic luckily didn’t hold us up as I got a call half way home from the boy’s neighbours saying the illness that had emerged shortly after his return from India and kept him from our friends stag do this weekend had got much worse and he had been admitted to the infectious diseases department of the hospital. I am so thankful they were there to look after him.

The doctors haven’t told him what it is and when I left the hospital he looked so forlorn. I just hope they let him out soon. 

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  1. I love these pictures. Can't believe the news about the crazy infectious tropical disease though!! How is he? (stupid man flu…..) x

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