Day 3.

{home made vanilla essence – with a mixture of rum and vodka – since i didn’t really have enough of either!}

As the boy prepares for his work trip to India I am preparing for a couple of ‘me’ weeks. He has been working nearer to Leeds than Sheffield and staying at mine, so we have seen a lot of each other these last few weeks {I feel a little like I have had a boy overload} but since I won’t really see him in August it is all ok.

So I have some lovely girlie weekend’s lined up to see friends.

And a few crafting projects that I want to complete.

And I have some wonderful new baking supplies – a super PINK colouring, and some iridescent edible glitter and some piping tips – that I shall be trying out.

And I plan on eating a lot of girl dinners – mostly consisting of cereal and snacks – don’t tell me you don’t do this when you’re home alone.


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