Day 14

{photo from 2007 – it’s the earliest one there is online of Lu & I – which might be best, this pics of us in our university days are a bit shocking}

A busy Saturday consisting of lunchtime drinks and a wedding makeup trial with the boys sister at the Chanel counter in HN.

And then a wonderful evening of dinner and many, many, many drinks with Lucie and Sam in Chapel A.
Whilst the three of us were ruining our livers with Jager in the bars {never again people} my housemate was on the smoking terrace being chatted up by an ex footballer and recent bad reality TV ‘star’. We use the term star loosely as the shows in question were ‘Celebrity Love Island’ and ‘Dancing on Ice’. He is now asking for a date. She is slightly bemused having had pictures of this guy on her walls at the age of 15!

I have sent the boy to India with my p&s so I took the holga out for the night. I need to finish the film. But can’t wait to see the BAD pics that will no doubt come back.

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