Day 1

{Building site – for the August Break project}

It was one of those hangovers that catch up with you.
You think you’re fine. You think you can go out to town for fabric and gifts and things {obviously what you shop for the day after consuming your weight in wine at a wedding}. It is 1pm after all.

You were conned. Especially when you are stood trying to buy fabric in Cole Brothers, in front of a very well presented lady who clearly thinks your shakes and glazed eyes are not normal. Not a great move.

But when you look up from the place you have been forced to sit to rest, and you see half a building, you have to take the picture. I love half buildings – my favourite are houses or flats with the wall paper on show – but I really like the exposed pipes here!

But then after that has hit you and you have had your ‘turn’ and you are spending the afternoon in a beautiful garden eating hog roast and drinking the delightful elderflower and lime Kopparberg with equally hungover people all still celebrating the wedding of the boys bandmate, it’s not so bad.

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