Country Baskets ‘Accessorise Yourself’ Challenge

You might remember last December I took park in Country Baskets Festive Face-off, well, they are back with a summer craft challenge ‘Accessorize Yourself‘. This time the brief was to make a wedding accessory and as per the last time, Country Baskets were kind enough to send us a wonderful box of crafty goodies. You can see the treats I got below;
We have an unusual year this year for us, it’s one without an influx of weddings. For the last few years we’ve had a good few of them, enough to warrant more pairs of high heels than I feel comfortable owning and lots of pretty dresses. 

The things that really stood out to me, the things I thought I’d try and incorporate were the fake flowers, the various sparkles and the organza. I racked my brain thinking what I could make out of them and settled on a facinator. I really struggle when it comes to knowing what I wear in my hair, if anything. So I raided my crafting box for a few extra bits to make it work and set about making. 
Don’t you just love the sparkles that they sent me. 
So, on to the fascinator making. I started with a scrap piece of felt from my stash and a long hair clip. I drew a tear drop shape the clip to make sure it would be big enough and cut it out. 
Next I beheaded a lot of the fake flowers, chopped off the leaves from the stalks and started figuring out where I’d place them on the base.
Due to the move I’ve absolutely no idea where my glue gun is, so I turned to my trusty extra strong glue. I layered the leaves over the felt base and used the hair clip to hold the less cooperative ones in place. Next I played with the placement of the flowers. I started with the lily at the bottom and worked up from there. 

Once all the flowers were in place I started on the jewels and jems. The ones on stems were twisted and turned and manipulated into place, where as the long string of diamantés was cut up into single pieces and glued onto the spaces on the that needed a little extra sparkle.  

Last up, I sewed the clip on the back of the felt, making sure that it was in the right position to sit just right on my head.
And here it is, what do you think? I’m pretty happy with it – I know it might look a little big, but I love the splashes of pink, and the way it tapers upwards to the middle of the head. And I love how it sparkles too. 

*Country Baskets supplied the crafting materials but I wasn’t paid for this post!


  1. Thanks ladies. Now all I need are some friends to stop being selfish and get married. geeeez, I know some inconsiderate people 😉 x

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