Chocolate at Home Canapé and Truffles kits.

Last month I was asked if I’d like to try out some chocolate kits from Chocolate at Home*. My first thought was, ‘duh, it’s chocolate – Yes!’ but it’s rude to speak to people offering you stuff like that so I was far nicer with my reply. 
And so arrived two really cute boxes containing kits to make chocolate truffles and chocolate canapés! 
I’m going to be honest, given that both the boxes would have fit through a letter box I was dubious they’d be able to contain the ingredients needed to create the truffles and canapés I knew I was  going to be making but I could not have been more wrong. They were just very cleverly packed boxes. 
I was quite surprised when I opened them that the kits were so easy. I’d set aside an afternoon to make them both as I was expecting it to require a lot of ‘making’ but in reality they are both very simple to do. The truffle kit came with teeny balls of chocolate to be filled with the truffle centre and the canapés came with some great pre-made chocolate cups to pipe the mixture into. 
First up I made the chocolate canapés as I had decided to take them to dinner at a friends that evening and wanted to make sure they’d be set in time. It was so simple – I just melted my mixture with some cream ready to pipe into the canapé cups – but as a sneaky addition I added a little bit of amaretto to the chocolate mix – because how could that not be an awesome addition? 
Once I had my filling mixed it was just a case of piping it into the cups…..and stopping Jim from eating it! Oh, and decorating with a few slices of orange and some of the nuts that came with the kit…..for such little work I was so impressed at how well they turned out! And they tasted delicious too!
Next up I tackled the truffles. These were simply a case of melting down the filling – but carefully as it was being piped into a chocolate surrounding so the instructions made it clear you needed to make sure it wasn’t too hot, and piping it into the chocolate truffle moulds. 

Having made truffles the messy-hands-covered-in-chocolate way this was a bit of a revelation to me. It was so easy and mess free. The only messy part came when I started to dip the truffle in some melted chocolate to make the nuts stick to the outside! And even then it wasn’t too bad – I just trailed chocolate all over the kitchen side! 

I bagged most of these up as a little treat for my dad as he’s a huge chocolate fan and quite honestly, with the canapés we’d eaten enough sweet stuff that day!
All in all it probably took me an hour to do both which left far more time for playing with Flash – the most important weekend activity. 
The kits would be great for people who are kitchen challenged, or kids that like to get involved with baking but maybe don’t have the best results……or maybe for mailing out to a friend if they need a bit of cheering up. Although at £13 and £16 they aren’t the cheapest gift around. 
I did think that maybe they were a bit simplistic but then again they are probably not aimed at people who live with an ex chef who like to make everything from scratch – but that man also thought they were really delicious too so what does he know? 
*I received the kits for free but was not paid for this review. 


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