Cable and Cotton lights

One more about the living room and then I will shut up. Promise. (Mostly because I’ll be onto another room then! This house is never ending). But I want to draw your attention to the gorgeous Cable and Cotton lights we have strung over the fireplace.

I’ve loved Cable and Cotton lights for such a long time so I was over the moon when they got in touch and asked if I’d like a set of lights for the new house. The hardest part, having said yes was picking the colours of the lights but eventually I settled on the Sea Salt set (that shouldn’t be a surprise to people who know me well) to go with the natural colours of the dining room but when they arrived I’d changed my mind and wanted them in the living room so I ordered an add on of red and purple balls to match the new decor in there! But I’ve saved the blue balls I replaced with red and purple so when I switch rooms again they match (or I might just buy another set for that room!)
They were so easy to set up – you just take them out of the box and pop the balls over the lights, switch them on and go. As for installing them, I just used a couple of the clips they sell on the website to string them from, then another few to keep the wires tidy!
As you might know if you’ve read my other living room posts I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of the fireplace yet, but having these lights strung across it, strangely, makes it less conspicuous. They look beautiful and fun in the day time, but give a lovely, cosy, glow at night, especially when I have my candles lit too. I’m just debating whether to go for one of the ‘Big Lamps‘ for the main light fitting too now!
So, give me your thoughts on the lights – did I do right stringing them in here rather then the dining room? Do you like my colour choices? Which colours would you go for? Ones to match your decor or just something fun? 
*The lights were given to me by Cable and Cotton but I wasn’t paid for this review. 


  1. They seem to have been made for the fireplace! I really want to get some but might need to get them custom made. Would love them like globes

  2. Last year I saw loads of little plastic globe decorations in TK Maxx – maybe you could find something like that and pop them on lights? I've seen people who've added ping pong balls to their fairy lights to make them look nicer but globes would be AMAZING! x

  3. I have a weird thing for maps and globes and have like 6i want to display so figure map lights would be perfect. Even the bf agrees (for once)

  4. I love these lights and love how you have used them – they look so good on the fireplace – definitely a good choice!

  5. Thank you. They are the loveliest lights aren't they. And they really make me like the fireplace a bit more……

  6. They are gorgeous and look great just where you've put them. I'd NEVER get them past the husband but I might try when he's away and see what happens.
    Love, love, love them.
    M x

  7. A lot of stuff happens in this house when Jim goes to India. It's the way I get most things done! House decisions are just way easier to make when he's not here giving me his input! Do it. x

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