Big top baking.

It’s the housemates birthday today. 
I promised her a cake. Over mexican food we discussed the cake. she wanted a giant cupcake and it to be mango flavoured. 
One out of two isn’t bad I don’t think. {she got the massive cake if you can’t tell. Mango wouldv’e pushed me over the edge}. 

I bought a silicon case, which should have been super simple, but I had to make 3 tops of the cake as they broke up each time when I tried to get them out of the case and I cooked them as recommended – in the end the boy suggested turning the oven right down and baking for a LONG time – it pains me to say he was right! 
I also used it to make a chocolate cake case by melting and setting chocolate in the mould {the boy got horrified at me using cooking chocolate for it – he says it tastes like cheap smarties, he might be right – but I will never admit it – not after the baking victory he had!}

The frosting WAS going to be a mango flavour but it proved to be a VERY time consuming affair, so I sacked that off and just made a simple buttercream which I coloured green and blue and threw in a load of glitter. The peacock feathers are there to add a little something extra. 

I am not so happy with the frosting though – yes, it tastes good and it is fantastic colours, but it kind of looks a little like a glittery poo sitting on top of the cake. 

what do you think? I think i need to work on my giant cake frosting abilities……..


  1. Ahhh, thank you.
    I think covering cake in any sort of glitter makes it a whole lot better!

    I might have to make a few more though just to practise the frosting stage…….

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