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I’ve often thought I ought to share this on here, because it’s one of my favourite things on our walls, but for some reason I just haven’t yet.
I made this a couple of years ago after seeing a picture on Flickr (I can’t remember exactly when, but it was pre-Pinterest I know that) and it’s been on my walls in one home or another ever since. I know vintage keys are a bit cliched, but they are just so pretty and I love having it floating in the frame. It sits on one of our picture wall, the one at the top of the stairs and always gets compliments. 

What’s your favourite thing on your wall?

EDIT *How I made this*
After the comments I thought I’d best share how I made this. Its super simple to do. So simple in fact that you’ll all be wondering why you haven’t made one already. The trick here is to use 2 piece of glass to make the key appear to be floating. 
Things you’ll need;
  • 2 deep picture frames of the same size. Make sure that there is a mount to the frame. I used Ikea Ribba frames. 
  • 1 vintage key
  • Super glue
  • Small pieces of foam

How to make the picture; 

  1. Take both of the piece of glass out of the two frames. 
  2. Grab your key. Measure up, or eye ball to line the key up in the middle of one of the pieces of glass. When you’re happy with where is it, make a little mark on the glass (a pencil will do, but I used felt tip)
  3. Take the widest bit of the key, on the edge you don’t want visible, and dab a little super glue on it.  
  4. Stick the key to the piece of glass that you’ve made the mark on and wait for it to dry. 
  5. Whist the glue is drying, take a mount from one of the frames and cut the foam into strips that are narrower than the frame mount. Glue them to back of the mount, as far from the inside edge as possible. The idea here is that they cushion the piece of glass with the key on it.  
  6. Once the glue is dry, you can start to reassemble the frame. 
  • Put the piece of glass without the key back in the frame, 
  • Next add the mount – foam side towards the back
  • Then the piece of the glass with the key on it, key facing outwards – so it shows though the front of the frame. Hopefully the foam will make sure the key doesn’t scratch the front piece of glass.
  • The last things to do lose the metal tabs on the frame round the back piece of glass that has the key on it to close up the frame. 
  • Now, hang your floating key frame and enjoy. 

    1. Ooh, what a lovely idea. One of my favourite things on my walls are some vintage wooden printing blocks that spell out my mother's unusual maiden name, which I put into a box frame. Objects in frames are one of my favourite things.

    2. Yes, how did you get it to float? It looks lovely.
      I have very little hanging on my walls, which is something I plan to rectify… eventually.

    3. I have some photos on my wall but I am determined to create some artwork to go in the bedroom before the end of the year – this is a lovely idea.

    4. I love this, ive always had a fasination with pretty keys, this is perfect.


    5. I like this. I am aiming to make a new piece of art when we move and this further supports the idea that there is no reason not to.

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