#BEDM Spring is here

Ah, Spring, as always it appears and teases me with the promise
of a summer of beer garden weather and wearing shorts, tanned feet and home grown crops.
The reality in the UK
is very different. But what the hell – I’m going to embrace it again, I’m going
to let it fool me again, I am going to dig out my flipflops and plant things
and hope……again.

Our teeny tiny yard isn’t conducive with a lot of growing,
but we do have some ‘dirt’ in which to play! The berries planted last year are
starting to fight their way back to life, The strawberry plants somehow survived the endless winter {but to be fair one of them survived being swamped in frozen water for 3 weeks last winter!} and the raspberries and blackberries are
trying their hardest, but the blueberry plant looks like it didn’t make it. The
rhubarb is reappearing. And I’ve done a bit of clearing for some new plants.

I’m going with cherry tomatoes again. After the wall
collapse, most of last year’s tomatoes didn’t even see enough sun to turn red,
but the ones the year before that were amazing, like little sweets.
And lettuce, it’s so much fun to pop outside and tear off your own lettuce. And beans, I’m
thinking mange tout as runner beans just go to my
And maybe a squash or pumpkin of some sort to keep things going until the autumn, and lots
more herbs and loads more mint – what is summer without a cheeky Mojito?

Are you planning this summer? What are you growing? 


  1. NICE!! We planted salad, courgettes, beets and one pumpkin plant at the weekend..we'll see!!

  2. I started a vegetable garden once and it was a bit of a disaster. But this year, start a herb garden is one of my 31 Before 31 items, so I am going to try again. I should probably start thinking about starting it actually!

    Sounds like you are going to be growing lots of yummy things! 🙂


  3. We started planting cucumbers this year, hope they work out, that would be amazing! Our raspberry plants seem to survive every single winter and spread out across the whole garden, so I'm hoping they survived this year as well. Your garden sounds absolutely great, I'd love to grow so much myself.

    1. It's not so much a garden as a garden with dirt, but yes, it's great to be able to dabble in all these plants.

  4. I have got as far as herbs and sweetpeas. There are raspberries and brambles from bushes that have been in our garden a LONG time. And the husband has been composting in readiness to plant potatoes and carrots.

    1. Ah, potatoes, I tried them at my parents a while ago, but i'll be honest they were the most expensive pots we've ever eaten as we hardly got anything from them 😉

  5. We moved in last year and have been so focused on the inside of the house that we've completely neglected the garden! This week end is THE week end to get it sorted! doing #BEDM too!

    1. Do it. It makes the outside much more fun & you'll want to bbq more! Plus I hear its going to be a suntan starting weekend this one!

  6. The boyfriend has said that he wants seeds to plant to grow things this summer. I predict he will plants them and they will grow and he will forget to harvest them and they'll all go to seed.

    I bet you a FIVER I'm right.

    1. I'll give you a fiver if you take control of the plants and show him up by growing something amazing…..

    1. Last year the weather tried so hard to kill everything. This year ive had a pep talk with the plants and we're ready for it!

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