BEDM – My 5 Favourite Posts

Today’s post for Blog Everyday in May the prompt is ‘My 5 favourite Posts’. I really enjoyed looking back through my blog to figure out my 5 favourites. I can’t believe how much my life has changed, and how much I have changed since I started this blog. It’s wonderful to have that record for myself and to know that one day when I’m doolally, I’ll have a record of what I did from my late 20’s!
But it was so hard and even now I’m not sure that this is the final cut.
I loved putting this post together as it meant I got an extra excuse to wander about the neighbourhood and map out some of my favourites. 
Oddly, they are mostly food and drink places. Strange that!
This is one of my favourite recent DIY’s. I made it for my trip to Wilderness Festival’s masquerade ball. It was so easy to do, didn’t really take me very long but had awesome results!
And it was a great chance to use up pretty much every type of crafting supply in my stash!
There are some more DIY posts here.
There are so many posts from when this little hunk joined our family, but this one is my favourite because not only does he look adorable sitting in the scales, but it’s such a wonderful reminder of how he was at 11 weeks old. 
I miss that little domed head and the fact he couldn’t run in a straight line! I also miss the fact his bark wasn’t ear piercing. 
You can see some more Flash posts here.
I love this stuff. It’s uber easy to make, so easy that I worried posting would be dumb (it’s just popcorn and chocolate. Easy!) but it’s so so so tasty that every time I make it, it gets snapped up! 
There are some more recipe posts here.
I love love loved this post, mostly because I had so much fun putting the boxes together and I just knew that they would go down really well with the people I was sending them to!Which they did. 
They even prompted me to pop them in a little online shop too!
*And it should be noted that these are just some my favourites – not the most popular!


  1. That puppy! What a way to start my day – how adorable was he??!! Happy Day 2 by the way 🙂 xx

    1. He was totally adorable. So cute looking at old pictures of him almost makes me forget how bitey and naughty he was and makes me want another puppy.

      Happy day 2 to you too!

  2. Brilliant choices. It was so cool to read through all posts from before I was following you (I followed the links and lost some time to reading).

    1. I love getting lost in old blog posts. I never comment on them though so people don't think I'm a crazy stalker (even though I totally am!)

  3. I remember those ice cream boxes. You are the BEST at sending stuff in the post. So thoughtful.

  4. Oh my goodness. Why have I not heard of chocolate covered popcorn before?! What have I been DOING with my life?!

  5. How the hell did I miss popcorn crack til now?! Not cool! Love Flash, always!
    High five for day two!
    M x Life Outside London

  6. No No No I am not opening that popcorn crack post…. LOVE Flash as always and Sheffield sounds amazing 🙂 It would make me laugh if I attempted to do the same where I live… Maybe I will and make everyone laugh?!!

  7. That ice cream party was truly inspired! I remember reading it at the time and thinking what a fab idea it was – and still is now! 🙂

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