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As a little kid I think my all time favourite band were The Beach Boys, but thats not something you can really admit to until you’re in your 20’s is it? And then in my teens I got swept up in a tide of mid-90’s pop, I’m pretty sure I could still sing along to the entire of take that and party. Then came brit pop and indie and a love with guitar music and boys in sheltoes and then the boys from the ski village took us to NY Sushi and I started going to Drum and Bass nights, and I’ll be honest, and maybe if I whisper it it won’t matter too much any more *I never REALLY loved drum and bass* – it was the downstairs hiphop-y, 808state-y, fun, NY Sushi room with the sticker machine and the need for spiky trainers I loved the most, but I loved the world, my friends, the nights out, the fashion, all of it. And so I secretly listened to the guitars and the pop behind drum and bass’s back, at home, in my car or on my mini disk player (it was the late 90’s-early 2000’s) but I didn’t admit to it in public, not with my music-nazi friends. And this went on for some time – all the way through uni, and I guess a little after that.  

And then I stopped caring about what they thought – I went back to the somewhat cheesy pop and guitars bands in public – I proudly played maroon 5 in my car, KOL on my ipod, I danced on tables to the Killers, we sung badly to the Bluetones at Quiksilver and ran to skip the swearing songs on Jay Z albums and it’s been that way ever since! Now I’ll happily admit to everyone I’ve been to see The Gaslight Anthem 6 times in the last 3 years. And that maybe my ipod has far too much of the Black Keys back catalogue on it, but not too much Ryan Adams,. And that didn’t go and see Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury because Ash were playing. And yes I chose Beyonce over Queens of the Stone Age, but it was a tough choice.  (I might not however admit to going to see Razorlight at the arena c.2005, it wasn’t me – you can’t prove it!)


  1. Ash or Stevie Wonder? I would totally make the same choice as you. Beyonce or QOTSA? Not even a debate – Beyonce every time!

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