#BEDM Journey to work

My journey to work is a bit of a beast. It might only be 35miles away, but it’s a 35 mile drive* of traffic lights and road works, of country roads and getting stuck, mostly behind tractors, so it tend to take me anywhere from an hr to an hr and half to get to work. The only saving grace of the journey is that for half of it, it’s pretty countryside. (The other half of the journey takes me through some questionable area’s of Sheffield, but it’s been eye opening to say the least!) It is most fun when surprise roadworks pop up, last week all 3 routes I can take had lanes closed and bits of them dug up. That and watching the number of miles my poor little car has done, go up!

(*And before some one tells me I ought to get the train – the closest station to my office is 15miles away)


  1. i'm the same. for me, with public transport my only options are to end up about the same distance as my drive to work from home just in the opposite direction from work!

    i'm only maybe 5 miles max from work, but that's a bit too far to walk (not to mention unsafe) and i have nowhere to put a bike if i had one 🙁

  2. I work for home so couldn't blog about my journey. Still blogging every day but haven't stayed on them this week!!

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