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Oh gadgets. I love them. I really do. And my life is full of them. Chocka block full of them. In day to day life there is my phone, laptop, my SLR and my point and shoot, my Fitbit, Ipod, Kindle…..the list goes on. And then there are the other gadgets that grace our lives randomly and make everything more fun, like my Cricut, and sewing machine and the Kitchen Aid. And don’t get me started on the vast amount of kitchen gadgets that Jim seems to be collecting……

I’d love to say I could live without my gadgets but I think that I might be lying to myself, (I’m the girl who went to the lengths last summer of buying 4 extra phone batteries so that I’d have juice all the way through Glastonbury and Wilderness). I’d have to walk to work without my music, and wouldn’t be able to check twitter at any given moment, and how would I take a picture of and Instagram Flash’s latest exploits, or watch an entire series of Gossip Girl back to back? See gadgets make it all better (especially the back to back GG watching). 
But I think my mobile might be my most needed gadget, especially since I got my new S5, as the camera is amazing and I’ve got 4gb data which means even more Instagram and Twitter! 


  1. S5 is that a Samsung jobby? Tweet me how much you love it? I'm trying to decide what my next one will be…
    M x Life Outside London

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