#BEDM Food Glorious Food

Food is one of those issues in our house that causes problems. The boyf does the cooking. I do the baking. That’s just how it is. He was a chef. I find baking relaxing (sometimes) And whilst I love nice food, if left to my own devices, eating toast and cereal for days on end wouldn’t bother me (I’ve been known to just have poptarts and coke zero in a day – yes, I am aware this is why I will never be thin!) and when I am hungry, I am hungry and I want to eat NOW.

But the boyf, he loves to cook – he loves to spend time preparing and making food, he loves to try and make everything from scratch. Which is wonderful and delicious and sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, but it’s not half time consuming. Put this together with someone who gets grumpy when they are hungry and it sometimes causes arguments  It’s not that I am ungrateful at the effort he has gone to, I am just not good at waiting when I am hungry, or eating at 9pm.

What are your eating habits like? Are they as bad as mine?


  1. I am glad to see I am not the only one who doesnt really cook I too am lucky to have a boyfriend who is a good cook otherwise we would eat toast of pasta and pesto!

  2. I worry that I've completely lost the ability to cook. Living at my sister's means that she does the cooking all the time and when I go to Preston to see the boyfriend he does all the cooking because he really enjoys it. I'm actually dreading getting my own place.

    The one night I did need to cook for me and my nephews I got all psyched up for it only to be begged by them to have beans on toast for tea. I won't lie – I was relieved.

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