#BEDM Favourite Social Media Channel

Twitter / Instagram / Twitter / Instagram / Twitter / Instagram / Twitter / Instagram?

It’s a toughy. It’s my wake-up routine, checking Twitter
and Instagram, having a little nosy into the lives of others. Twitter is the
place I turn for news, for ‘chats’ with friends, for discussions, rants and arguments,
to get me frustrated with the stupidity of people and for, well, everything. And
Instagram, well Instagram gives you such a better view of those people’s lives –
better than even the best wordsmith can provide {especially in 140 characters},
It provides fashion help, and restaurant recommendations and lets you see how
your friends  But Twitter might just sneak
in there by a little percentage though, and only maybe because sooooo many more
people use it.

I helped a friend with an essay on social media
usage a month or so ago and she initially asked me about Facebook and LinkedIn,
but my Facebook usage as me is so minimal these days it’s laughable. I do
however use it a lot as I manage the pages for the WI I am in, our craft fair
{which I need to tell you about} and I’m a moderator for work. But for me, I
stopped that a while ago, I think my last post was at Easter  I read an
interesting report about how Facebook was losing millions
of users
and it does stack up with the stats we see at work, but it’s such
a great space to organise events and run groups it’d be hard to leave at this
stage. And LinkedIn is, well, does anyone, other than a recruitment agent, use
it for more than an online CV? 

And after a comment From Areeba, it’s reminded me, I didn’t include Pinterest. And maybe I didn’t because I don’t see Pinterest as a social platform, it’s more of an addiction. An addiction that I might need some serious help with. 

What do you use the most? Have you abandoned anything recently? And how do you use LinkedIn?


  1. Twitter is definitely the prefered channel of most of the May bloggers. LinkedIn is the one I have yet to get my head round. Seems too corporate and stuffy!

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