BEDM – A day in the life

Today, Friday 16th May,  I’ll be updating this post as it goes on. Some entries will have pictures. Some won’t.

5.45 am – I’m woken by Flash stirring. He’s decided that sleeping by Jims knees isn’t his thing anymore. He’s come and snuggled his little body next to me. It’s 5.45 so I should be mad but my god, it’s just too cute!

6.30 am – my first alarm goes off. There’s also a little paw in my face. It smells like biscuits. I like to wake up with a bit of twitter reading.

7.45 am – It’s time to walk flash before he goes really crazy. We spend mornings in our local park chasing the ball. Yes that is a ‘we’ chasing the ball. He’s a bit fickle at his ball chasing so half the time I have to go an retrieve it! 

8.30am – Walk to work time! Unlike Monday’s documented walk, today it’s super sunny. 

10.45am – The view from my office window helps make a morning of emails and meetings better! Although it’s not bad when your meetings are about organising some great competitions!

12.30 pm – Time for lunch. I’ve been completely unorganised and had to buy lunch. Trying to be healthy I’ve gone to Nourish for a salad. 

3pm – We have a milkshake of the week in one of the bars at work. This week it was battenburg so I ordered a few for the office. Milkshake Fridays rock!

3.30pm – There was fun post today. A new Casetagram case. Anchors away!

5pm – Jim and Flash picked me up from work and we went to the pub for maybe too long. So long there was no dinner (not the best idea right). Cider with strawberries and lime rocks though. 

9.15pm – Home. Eating snacks and watching Hannibal on catch up!


    1. It is. Just a shame it's covered in last nigths takeaway every morning and populated by skutters come the evening!

  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who also chases balls in the park!
    This does look like a pretty good day and I know we're in web land and I'm not allowed to ask but I want to work where you work – milkshake Fridays? Erm yes!
    M x Life Outside London

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