#BEDM Book Love

I’ve written before about my wonderful bookclub at @Fancie, so I won’t harp on about it too much, I’ll just tell you how annoyed I’ve been to miss the last 2 meetings. What I will tell you is about how annoyed I am I don’t read more. How I miss the days when I would lay down with a book on a saturday morning and barely move until it was finished. How my favourite place to read is on the bed, sandwhiched between the duvet. How I dream of a house will a wall of books. How there are still boxes and boxes of books at my house that I just can’t let them get rid of, because one day they will be on my wall of books. How history books are my favourite. How as a child I think I read more than I did anything else. How I miss having the time to read. How I WILL make myself read more.

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