#BEDM – 5 Lines

I am taking part in Elizabeth’s ‘Blog Every Day
In May
‘ {#BEDM} this month to try and get me back into blogging, to meet
some new bloggers {there are over 100 people signed up and it isn’t too late to
join in!} and hopefully to share some interesting stuff too. Fingers crossed I
might complete almost all of it – although I am not very good at this sort of

My name is Emma Louise,
like pretty much every other girl born in 1981*, well, at least 80% of them!

I have a slight
obsession with my dog,
Flash Puppy Vuitton II
, he’s a Jack Russell x Pug and about the cutest
thing ever. 

I am the president of
one of
new wave WI’s,
Hallam Roses WI. I love
being part of the WI. We are less than a year old and I’ve already met so many
amazing people!

I dream of running away
to sea, or the mountains, or just about anywhere.

I love making STUFF. I
wouldn’t say I am great at any of it, but I love it! 

*you do the maths, I’m OLD!


  1. Omg your dog is adorable, I have two beagles and are so cheeky. gd luck with #BEDM I am going to start today aswell. Day one! Lol.

  2. Great pic and kick off. I love your blog wil enjoying checking in for this meme. Just posted my first one too!

  3. I love that photo! Good luck with Blog Every Day in May. I'm looking forward to your posts.x

    1. Thank you – and thank you for creating this – I think, maybe maybe, it might be do-able for me. x

  4. One of my lovely online besties lives in Sheffield. What a small world. 🙂 She gets around on the radio there a lot because of her barefoot lifestyle. Her name is Bea Marshall. Maybe you've heard of her. 🙂

  5. I can relate to loving making stuff, but not being good at it. I like making things, they don't turn out well, but I could care less! 🙂

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