#BEDM 1 whole month

Well, Blog Every Day in May is over, and I’ve tried, I really have tried my hardest to do a whole month of blogging – 18 posts isn’t bad really is it? 

But it was inevitable that life would get in the way. There were a few topics I thought ‘meh’ to, and a few I thought I don’t want to think about that to, like the ‘what’s in your fridge’ post, which meant addressing the fact there was only a dubious looking alcoholic energy drink, condiments and cheese in our fridge that day! 

And then life jumped up and got me – what you might have gathered if you follow me on twitter is that I’m in the midst of helping plan a craft fair with my WI, FORGE*, and it’s taking up rather a large part of my life, which along side the actual WI commitments, crazily full weekends, and what seems to have been a busy few weeks at work made it hard for me to blog as much as I’d have like.  

But I have done some catching up (which might not have been the point) and I’m pretty pleased with my efforts this month. It’s been wonderful to have some actual prompts that have made me think about things a little bit more, rather than just finding pretty stuff to show you, or rambling about my day. I am also a little freaked out at the thought of having to start thinking of actual blog posts again. 

What I have loved the most though is finding a whole new host of blogs to read (I think I should have commented on more though so don’t  – i just need to find the time to head over to Feedly and read them more! What 

*more to come on that later!


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