Autumn Bedroom Essentials

A few weeks ago we found Melle had taken up a new hobby – turns out he sees himself as the Banksy of the dog world and has a new found love for graffiti. The delightful little beast had borrowed a sharpie and had drawn all over the bed. I was quite impressed with his skills as he’s got pen on both sides of the duvet cover and the sheet underneath. Clever right? 

But as impressed that I was with his ability to use a marker pen, he completely ruined that bedding set. Which, in my books, is an excellent excuse to go shopping for some new gear for the bedroom, and as it’s getting colder, this means cosy, autumnal bedding. 
1. I love the mountainy look of this Tartan Stag Flannelette, and the fact it’s a flannel means it’s going to feel lovely when it gets colder, and it’s available as a double duvet cover & other sizes at Yorkshire Linen.

2. I just adore these orange Chinese Lantern Plants. I’m sticking away from living plants in the bedroom as Jim gets hay fever and I’m not sure it’s fair to have him sneeze all night, so I’ve been bringing in died flowers. 
3. In an ideal world there would be a White Company candle in my life for every season, but unfortunately I’m not made of money, so I pick a new one each inter! 
5. We live in an old house so as it gets colder, even with winter quilts and soft bedding, so this Matalan Cable Knit Throw would be a perfect extra layer for the bedroom. 
4. And if we’re going for a mountain feel with the bedding it’d be rude to not carry it over into the accessories right? This M&S Applique Stag Cushion matches the bedding set wonderfully. 

Wouldn’t it make the most wonderful autumn bedroom? What would be on your perfect autumn list? 

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