Another Lovely Package

So, following on from my post detailing what I received for
the A Lovely Package swap, I thought I would show you what I sent.

First off, I ought to mention that we did get a whole
host of likes and hobbies about each person, and I feel kind of bad as I totally
ignored the list and put together this package, but in my defence, I thought it
was a good idea!

So I started with an idea – Annabel is at uni in Lancashire,
I live in Yorkshire. All I saw was a regional divide. For those of you not
familiar with this divide, it stretches back to, I imagine, Robin Hood’s era and the War of the Roses.
Yorkshire has a white rose and Lancashire has a red one. People fought for their colours. That sort of stuff. More recently it is
mostly football based. So any how, this was where my brain went. A war of the
roses themed box. But then after a chat with one of my friends, I changed it up
a little and focused on Sheffield.

 So my box was a collage {I believe the cool term is decoupage now after Kirstie’s shows} of pages torn from Sheffield magazines and spray mounted onto the box. There was, in a stroke of luck, a map on one of the pages, so that clearly was destined for the top.

Inside, above the tissue paper, we have a small white paper rose {for those of you who don’t understand. Re-read paragraph 2.} and a little note, explaining my decision.

And then, on to the goodies – I searched far and wide* for
some of the best Sheffield stuff so we have; 

  • Hendersons Relish – this is my new favourite food stuff. I had
    always poopoo’d it as it says the word ‘spicy’ on the front. But this is not
    spicy at all. It is just tangy goodness that ought to be enjoyed on most foods!
    I also included some recipe suggestions which are tied to the bottle – that’s what
    the twine is.

  • Pale Rider – from the award winning Kelham Island brewery. I
    work just round the corn from the brewery, so this was an absolute no-brainer.
  • Sheffield Honey – these guys are at the local farmers
    market, and have been super helpful in helping me get one of the ingredients
    for my handmade Christmas gifts too. Plus the honey tastes amazing.
  • Chocolates from Cocoa – this is pretty much the cutest shop
    on the planet. They have a candy striped awning that shelters just the most
    amazing shop. Hand made chocolates were a must!
  • Sheffield Brew – not being a tea drinker, I have no idea what
    this will be like, but I have heard very good things about it. So Annabel you
    will have to let me know.
  • Pete McKee Card & Jonathan Wilkinson postcards – both of
    these guys are iconic Sheffield artists. Pete for his depictions of the people
    in the town, and Jonathan for his ‘cityscapes’. If I am honest, I think I prefer
    Jonathans style. The cooling towers shot is just Sheffield!
  • A guide to the local area. If you know Sheffield at all you
    will know that Eccy Rd and Sharowvale are laden with cool, quirky and fun
    places to shop, eat and drink, so I thought I would finish the box off with a
    little map showing Annabel, should she ever visit Sheffield, where she ought to
Not a massive amount of making or crafting I know, but I was pretty pleased with my ‘taste of Sheffield’ box – I just hope Annabel isn’t too disappointed that I veered slightly away from her likes and dislikes. 

*took a walk round my local shops – bc they sell everything that I needed. 


  1. This is SUCH a lovely idea! And especially because it's Sheffield based (and my hometown), have you been round the millenium gallery shop? They sell some cracking Sheffield memorabilia there 🙂 ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Hi Claire, I did pop to the MG to have a look but the only things they had left in the S7 range were mugs that would ahve pushed my budget sky high – and all the kid acne cheap stuff had gone too. But I do love it down there!
    Sheffield has so much cool stuff I could use that I just couldn't drop the idea when it came up!

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