A wedding present.

My little brother is getting married in a few days now.
They’re the sort of couple who want for nothing*. Seriously, nothing. Which makes
them hard people to buy for. And I don’t have the sort of cash to buy presents for people who
want for nothing. The only thing I have up my sleeve is sentiment. And the knowledge
that my brother’s fiancée loves Christmas. A lot. So much so when they went to Montréal
they imported a huge tree back.

With this in mind I made them a set of wedding baubles so
that every year, when they put the tree up, they’ll be taken back to their
wedding day {and hopefully, since my brother forgot it was my mum’s birthday
the same day, it’ll jog his mind that it’s their anniversary coming up}

Their wedding invites featured some beautifully snowflaked paper,
and some little diamanté snowflakes that I promptly ripped off. In hindsight, I maybe should have photographed the invites before starting on this, but I didn’t.

I found these fabulous glass baubles on Panduro Hobby,
along with this perfectly sized wooden box.

I popped the tops off each of the baubles and measured the
opening. I sliced the sparkly bits into strips the width of the opening and
curled them on a pencil. Once they were suitably curled, I posted the strips
into the baubles and admired the sparkles. I am actually a magpie. Once the
tops were back on they I replaced the string with some glittery thread. I then took my 6 sparkly snowflakes, and super glued them onto the outside of each of the baubles.

After I took these pictures I realised that the box wasn’t very special, and it might best to protect the baubles in the box, so I lined it with some white and silver tissue paper to add a little bling to it too. 

I think they look beautiful, what do you think?

*they’re also the sort of couple who don’t read/know/care
about my blog so I am safe posting this here. 


    1. Thank you. I hope they get it and don't just think 'why has she given us this crap' which is what i think has happened when ive made stuff before;) xo

  1. What a fabulous present! They'll love it, I'm sure. 🙂 Also, "I am actually a magpie" made me laugh out loud.

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