A postable ice cream party

I signed up to take part in Anna’s #Postcircle earlier this year and I have a super lovely group of post circle buddies, but I’ll be honest – recently I’ve been a bit crap at keeping up with my letters. Life got crazy and took over and writing letters got pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. But I wanted to make this up to my post circle buddies, so I put this little box of goodies together to help them through the warm weather we’re having and to honour the fact that July is national Ice Cream month.

As it happened I had a few of my Crafty Creatives boxes hanging about, that were just the right size for the job, so I went about sourcing some delicious treats to include in an ice cream party.

Did you know you could buy angel delight ice cream mix? Well you could. Last year. But luckily for me, ebay seems to still have stock of the stuff, so I bought some flavours and popped a packet in each box.

I also added some waffled ice cream cones, some chocolate and vanilla biscuit curls, a few fan wafers, a little pot of super rich chocolate sauce and some sprinkles, marshmallows and smarties to top it off.

I also popped in a few of these cute little milkshake straws that I happened upon whilst out buying too.

I topped off the package with some spotty tissue paper, a little bit of pastel twine, a little ice cream cone charm and a craft tag* with a little quote from Voltaire on one side and a list of the contents on the other.

Just when I thought I was finished, I found some perfect little printables here that I stuck to the inside lid of the box so that my recipients had a little taster of what they were about to open.

I’m hoping my #postcircle buddies forgive me for my rubbishness of late when they get the boxes.
(*both of which were from June’s Crafty Creatives box)


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