A lighting obsession

This whole house doing-up thing can really change what you think is important. Right now on that list is lighting.

I know I’ve mentioned before my dislike of ‘big lights’ and preference for a lamp, or a low light, which I think from living in a flat with terrible spot lighting for a long time. What ever has caused it, looking at lighting sources makes me happier than it should. Especially when there are so many rooms to choose the perfect lamp for. We currently have a lot of rooms with cheap, white, paper lantern shades on them, you know the ones that every student house ever had, which, trust me, are better than what we moved in to, but are certainly NOT what I want for the long term!

The big problem is I am not sure what I want long term, I swing from having a chandelier in the hallway to bare industrial style lighting, from wanting something low and big over the dining table to swooning over cluster lights, from simple table lamps to huge floor pieces, I fall in love with huge turquoise shades that won’t match anything and debate rethinking my decoration because of it. And do not get me started on fancy light bulbs!

I think I need help. Jim just tells me ‘it all looks nice’ which does NOT help. Not at all.

1. The turquoise shade in question is this stunner. Don’t you just love it? 2. The angles of this table lamp make me really happy! (Although I realise the background white on white might not be the best!) 3. I’m a  massive sucker for the simplicity of this bead light. 4. Maybe a few of these cage lamps with a beautiful Buster and Punch bulb in them would be better than a chandelier in the hallways? 5. I’ve long been a fan of cable and cotton, and this Big Lamp but in either of their grey shades might be just the thing for the living room.

C’mon, give me some help here? What do you think?


  1. Ahh tough choices – I really like 5 – especially the colours in it, I also like 3 but I think the bare bulb would annoy me after a while!

    1. I know that you mean about the bare bulb – I think I'd get annoyed by it's nakedness of it after a while but I just love the beads. What's the lighting like in your house? Much to change?

    1. It's a stunner isn't it. I've almost convinced myself that I can work it into the bedroom revamp one day. I might keep an eye out for it coming up in the sale!

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