Its that time of year again where for some reason it’s tradition to take cake to work on your birthday. I know. They ought to buy me cakes. But nether the less I complied and made whoopie pies. 
I had heard of whoopie pies, I had seen whoopie pies on websites too, but I didn’t really know what they were until Christmas and Katie bought me an amazing little book on them. But as the saying goes – Have book. Will bake. So I baked, and baked, and baked {it took a while – my baking sheet and oven aren’t the biggest things in the world!} and then when the halves were cooled, I frosted and frosted and frosted {it ended up that there were a LOT of these little halves of cake to frost!}
They were a bit fiddly and they did seem to take over the kitchen {every surface was covered in small chocolate cake circles} but it seems that they have gone down very well at work! 
I might try them again, but maybe when I don’t have 50 to make!

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