Sharrow Lantern Carnival

I love the bit of Sheffield I live in, it’s smack between
the student area, a leafy suburb and we’re surrounded by ‘bohemian’ types. This
is clearly reflected in the abundance of cool little cafes, regular farmers
markets, and random little events like the
Sharrow Lantern Carnival.
Which from what I can gather is a chance for people to make uber cool lanterns,
dance around the streets to a drum beat and in
some most cases drink a beer
or two on a Sunday night!  And the thing
that surprised me the most, having gone along thinking it was an event for
kids, was the sheer number of adults taking part! We started at a
little park by our house and followed a team of drummers dressed as bumble bee’s
through the streets {escorted by some seriously relaxed police officers who
seemed to be enjoying the night out too!} to a cemetery, which was lit by fairy
light lanterns! 

The theme was magic, so there was a fantastic display of mushrooms
– I think mostly made by students {they are so predictable – but let’s face it I
probably would have done the same!} But just look at some of the fabulous creations people made;

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