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Late last month Jim and I attended the launch of the Sheffield Creative Guild at the super cool creative space The Roco. I’d heard a little about the guild as one of our friends has been involved in launching it and I’d been following his tweets, so we thought we’d go along to the launch and see what it was all about. 
I do love the premise of the guild from their website it says that the vision for the guild is

…Creative people of all persuasions from across the city, getting together, in a community without walls, tribes or hierarchy: sculptors will connect with graphic designers; artists will meet dancers; animators could collaborate with digital coders. We could join together in one shining, self-sufficient hubbub of creative energy, of making and doing, giving and taking, learning and teaching, and thrive. As individuals, as businesses or organisations, as a whole sector, we’ll benefit from joining up, swelling in number, giving and getting so that we are all stronger, enhanced, supported, celebrated and visible across our city and way beyond.

In a city as full of creatives as Sheffield, this is is a fabulous idea. Giving people, no matter where they work, whether it’s their day job or creative love on the side, some where they can gather with like minded people who can help and support them. And also giving them some strength in their numbers, giving them a little more power than they might ordinarily have working on their own. 
The launch party itself was a fun affair, giving us the opportunity to get to see the beautiful space that is the Roco, local artists exhibiting work, bands, DJ’s, a well stocked bar, the chance to try some locally-made VR technology, and we got to make a little art too! 
A video posted by em f (@ohgoshem) on

I loved playing with this machine, it’s a gyroscope that makes art with a biro and the weight of its own parts, and no two pieces are the same (just don’t call it a giant spirograph – it doesn’t go down well!) Jim and I came away with a ‘drawing’ each and they’re so different but both equally cool. I can’t wait to get them in frames and on the walls in the hallway!

I’ve not signed myself up as I am not flush enough that the moment but it’s something I’m considering for later in the year when I have more money. If you’re Sheffield based and you want to join the Creative Guild pop along here and sign yourself up (it works out at only £6.66 a month)and absolute bargain I’d say.

**(All images bar the instagram video curtosy of Sheffield Creative Guild from their launch party because I was too excited wandering about and being in a virtual reality to take any. Soz!)**

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