Printing mini polaroids – the Instax Share SP-1

I’ve had the Instax
Share SP-1
 on my wishlist for
the longest time and lucky for me Jim took notice of my excessive pinning and got me one for Christmas. 
My love for the mini instax photos started
about 6 years ago when I bought a mini 7 on ebay for 99p (yes, that’s right
99p. It was even sold in Leeds so I met the guy selling it on my lunch break – I felt embarrassed
giving the man £1. I tried to give him £5 but he wouldn’t have it!). I bought
it for a party and thought it might just make it through the night, but I was wrong, it’s still going strong. But the camera is big and clunky and the batteries
don’t last very long so it’s not something I take out with me very often. 

Enter the Instax Share SP-1 printer. If you
haven’t seen one of these little beauties before the printer prints your phone
pictures on the same photo sheets that the camera prints on to – handy as I had
quite a few packs of film already but the printer also came with 2 packs of 10

You connect it to your phone to the printer
through a wifi hotspot and then an Instax app lets you edit and embellish your
photo, then print to the printer! How awesome is that? I’ve been editing them
before I print but you can add things like the date and time a shot was taken,
or fun boarders to the pictures.

And believe it or not, the printer is actually
smaller than the camera and the battery life is WAY better too! So far I’ve printed 20
shots (mostly of Flash) with the printer and the battery is still full (apparently it last for up to 100 shots!) It’s
handbag sized, can print any picture you want to polaroid, and is, I think, a
better quality of picture than the camera takes – but that’s maybe because the phone takes better shots than the camera and my dslr takes better shots than either of them! 
What’s not to love about this little box
of fun? It’s going to be coming on all our trips from now on and maybe just out
on visits out and you should probably get one too!


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