A Food Photography Class.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Food Photography course at the beautiful School of Artisan Food on the Welbeck Estate. The course was a gift from my parents who are obsessed with buying people courses there, but as I’m not the cook in the house they thought I might enjoy photographing the food more. They were right. 
The course was taught by Joan Ransley, who is a food writer and photographer. She’s super lovely and ran through a lot of hints and tips for food photography as well as food styling with us before sending us off on our own to do some shots. 
I was paired up with the lovely Anna from Tea With Miss Beatrix, who randomly had booked on to the same day too. We chose to grab some of the breads that the students in the week had baked and took them off a cosy corner of the old abattoir to set up a little studio. 
I think my favourite part of the process was thinking about the styling, especially as we had the beautiful grounds of the school to pinch herbs from and a whole load of cute bits from the school to use too – like the cute butter paddles below. It’s really started me thinking about props, the placement of props especially for different types of shots and how less is more sometimes…….we certainly took out a lot of little bits as we started photographing it. 
Now I have the basics of food photography in my head, I just need to start getting Jim to cook more pretty food so that I have something to snap!

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