Missie Cindz Pud Inn – School Puddings

Saturday saw me heading into town for a sugar rush of epic proportions and the latest Pud Inn from Missie Cindz
This Pud Inn had a school dinners theme, with diners dressed in their best school uniforms and prizes for the head boy and girl. The puds came out with a twist and we had a little tuck shop bags of sweets and puddings made by diners to keep us going between courses! I also knew it would be a great chance to catch up with some friends, and to see Cindy as now she’s in London now. 
And our menu for the afternoon sounded absolutely delicious. The layered chocolate orange terrine was laced with chunks of white chocolate, and some very cool jelly oranges was delicious – maybe my favourite of the day. I was intrigued to find out what a Manchester tart was (in edible form – I’ve witnessed it in human form) – it turns out its a yummy combo of pastry, custard and coconut. Cindy let us into a secret about her rice pudding – it’s made with condensed milk to make it sweeter but shhhhh, you didn’t hear it from me. And the trifle came out with home made fizzy laces on the top! My only reservation was the peanut butter ice cream, ice cream is my favourite sweet treat, but given that I don’t like peanuts I was torn as to whether I’d like it. I’ll be honest – I didn’t, but I gave it a good try. 
Unfortunately the table was a bit crowded, and drifting in and out of bright bright sunlight and so the photo’s I snapped maybe don’t show off the food quite as nicely as they could have, but you can check out my other diners snaps on Instagram here; 

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