Food + Foto & IronCupcake:Leeds – Savoury

Last Sunday the boy and I entered our first IronCupcake:Leeds. I say we entered, technically HE entered as he cooked all the food {but only because he doesn’t let other people in the kitchen when he cooks}.
It was so much fun. Maybe not the stress of the baking {he left it until 4 to start cakes for a 6pm start!} The event as a whole was great. It was lovely to see my work mate Lu and her sister, niece, and best friend. Lu made a rosemary cake and her sister, Sarah made a feta cake – so you can see the sort of flavours people were experimenting with. And Zoe, the organiser and her mum and dad make you feel so welcome. There were maybe 15 bakers – the best of which, we both thought, were the Smoked Salmon ones – and everyone was super friendly. The boy also entered as an eater – which, since he tasted 15 cakes, I think he loved it.We didn’t place – but I don’t think that’s the point {clearly I wouldn’t be saying that if I had of won, but……} 
He made Chorizo & Walnut cakes, which we filled with a red onion chutney and we made a Camembert frosting to cover the chutney. The frosting I had hoped would be more of a full frosting, but I don’t think we had time to let it set fully so it was kind of more of a ‘blob’
I would love to give you the recipe, but he kind of made it up – so from what I can remember, here it is;

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