IronCupcake:Leeds – Fizzy Drinks

This weekend was the IronCupcake:Leeds with the theme Fizzy Drinks. 

In an attempt to stray away from things like Coke, I consulted twitter and a shortlist of Cherryade, Ginger Beer or Cherry Coke was formed. After a little bit more deliberating with friends, we decided on a Ginger Beer flavoured cake. I thought it might not be obvious enough so that there would be a few of them. 

Some searching on the internet pointed me to this recipe by raspberri cupcakes, who used not only Ginger Beer in her recipe, but also a Ginger beer cordial. Having never heard of or seen it, I thought I might have to use even more ginger beer instead of it as Raspberri Cupcakes is based in Australia, but since I now live near a Waitrose it seemed like, and turned out to be, the perfect place to buy such a thing. {Now I love ginger beer, really, I do. Especially with some rum in it, but this cordial is AWFUL. Truly awful. Its just SO spicy. But it did it’s job and flavoured the cupcakes perfectly so I’ll let it off, and maybe if we get desperate and have run out of normal ginger beer we’ll turn to it, but I can see the bottle sitting in the fridge for a while.}  
And after a little bit more consultation with my friends, we decided on a lime frosting, as everyone knows that lime is the best accompaniment to ginger beer. 

I wont post the recipe as you can find it on Raspberri Cupcakes blog with photos to boot, and the frosting was a basic buttercream with a the zest and juice of two limes in the place of the milk, and then topped up with milk when needed. 

I was pretty pleased though as I placed 3rd this month – although it might have something to do with the fact there were way less entries than there have been before {which I think was down to the sunshine}

Here is a sneaky peak at the entries, 

But you’ll be able to see details of them all at the IronCupcake:Leeds page, or on my flickr page here

Roll on next months ‘Perfect Pairs’ theme. 


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