Ice Ice Baby

I love the little bit of Sheffield
we live in – it has pretty much everything we need. Artisan bakeries – check. Restaurants
serving every possible food type – check. Hype bars – check. Old man’s pubs –
check. More vintage homewares shops than ever necessary – check. And now it has
a new ice-creamery, Diddy Cool, which has
just opened dangerously close to our house.
I found out at my WI meeting, so
of course I text home to let the boyf know about it. I mean, it’s important
information. It needed to be shared. I figured we could head down that weekend.
What I didn’t expect was to be marched out of the house when I got home that
night, for ice cream. But as it happens,
is the perfect time to be buying ice cream as they are open late most evening. {Seriously,
they open until on the weekends.
Imagine how much better the walk home from town would be with ice cream!}And
they deliver. Didn’t I say it was dangerous!
And it was pretty good ice cream
too! I got a bit overwhelmed by all the flavours and had a scoop of the
honeycomb, which was delicious, and Jim had an ice cream sandwich – which came
with 2 different cookies on either side. Plus, because of a promo they are
doing, we got a big tub of Banana to take home with us for free too! 
Now, all we need is an actual summer
so I can justify eating so much of the stuff!


  1. It's a real dangerous thing! Yay free ice cream. I don't mind having offer for buy one and get something free 😉

  2. That looks just so scrummy. I'm thinking it is worth a visit.

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