Home-made Puppy Treats

We’re attending a one of Flash’s puppy club friends, Stan’s, 2nd birthday party on Saturday and I promised to bring some puppy treats. They’re like best buddies so it’s the least I can do.*
I did a bit of pinteresting and came up with a loose idea of a recipe to make – Peanut Butter with Bacon and Cheese Puppy Treats. 
160g rolled oats
300g wholemeal flour
1 1/4 cups boiling water & 1 meat stock cube
1 egg
185g peanut butter
50g butter
100g grated cheese
4 slices bacon – cooked crisply. 
I added all the ingredients apart from the cheese and bacon to a bowl. I found softening the butter first helped, as did heating up the spoon to get the peanut butter from the jar cleanly. 
I tried cutting up the bacon really small and eventually got bored and blitzed it in the mini chopper {the boy raves about it so I thought I’d give it a go} and this worked really well, but you could just add bigger chunks for food process it. 
Once the bacon was in small pieces, I added about 3/4 of both the bacon and cheese to the mixture and  mixed it all together until if formed a pretty sticky mass. I tried to do this with a spoon but in the end I had to get my fingers in there and mix it by hand. I’m not a fan of peanut butter so it wasn’t the greatest thing to be smelling on my hands!
Once it was all mixed together, I formed it into a ball, and then mine sat in the fridge for a couple of hours whilst went out for a drink with friends.
When you’re ready to bake, dust the surface and rolling pin with some flour and roll it out. I had to cut the ball in half before I started rolling as it was far too big for the rolling pin. 
I rolled it to about 5mm thick, which might have been a bit thin really, but the dogs attending the party aren’t huge and the cookie cutter was looking quite large at that point, so I went a bit thinner than I would have if it was a smaller cutter.
I used this 6cm bone shaped cutter, and got about 80 bones from it. I’ll be honest – I got a bit bored towards the end of re-rolling the scraps and after I’d hit 80 treats, I just threw them on to the baking sheet. These scrappy ones are just for Flash, but lets face it, to him, food is food – he’ll never know it’s not properly shaped. 
I sprinkled the left over bacon bits and cheese on the biscuits before baking and popped them in the oven for 15minutes until they were going a little golden brown and hard. 
I’ve not tried them {dog treats just aren’t my sort of thing} but Flash loves them. He was going mental at just the smell this morning whilst I tried to photograph them, and he managed to scramble his way onto the table and eat my props when my back was turned!
And just for the party I’ve created some little doggy bags with 8 treats in each. I just hope they all like them as much as Flash does or we’ll have a fat puppy on our hands.  
And here they are – Flash and Stan. 
*I totally get this opening sentence makes me a crazy puppy lady. But meh! I’m not that bothered. 


  1. not to be rude but im a little worried about the amount of dairy in those, it can give dogs (and cats) strong bouts of diarrhea.
    Been studying the biology of animals for the last six years and had many dogs myself. wouldnt want the lil' champs to get a poorly tummies, theyre so cute x

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