I’m just here with a quick little post as a bit of a public service announcement – I feel I need to tell you about one of my favourite ever things on the internet because I hope it’ll brighten your life a little like it’s brightened mine – Hola Better Internet
Hola! is vpn and media player site that lets you browse the internet on proxy servers as if you were somewhere else in the world. I use it through a Chrome plug-in to access all sorts of sites – mostly to watch stuff on American Netflix or Hulu and I think it’s just awesome because Netflix in the US has some much better shows and movies that we get here. It also means that Jim can watch shows on the BBC iplayer and 4oD and the likes from his hotel room in India too! 
But it has lead me to realise something, Americans, your TV adverts are just awful, and mostly for phone companies, or Sour Patch Kids. And there are so many of them. I really don’t know how you cope……but I have found out you have wifi cars and we don’t yet!
One word of warning though, switch it off when you’re shopping or you’ll get frustrated with the fact that sites never show you the price in the correct currency! 


  1. And there's me using VPNS to watch Eastenders haha! I might have to check Hola out, I've been trying Zenmate but it seems to stream super slow. Also I hear you on the adverts over here, especially all the medical ones, everything seems to have a side effect of death ….

  2. American Netflix has so much more stuff than the UK version! Also sign up to s free hulu account. It's pretty good too! X

  3. Well. Death'll be a pretty serious side effect won't it!
    And I think it'll be super useful for you! If any of your family here have Sky Go you can use Hola to watch that too. You just need their login details!

    Just imagine all the British crap TV you can watch now (just stay away from Hollyoaks – ok!) X

  4. Haha. Sadly it's all too easy to watch Hollyoaks over here through Hulu (which is kinda like a Netflix but more for current shows as an alternative to cable) :s

  5. You can watch American Netflix!? Ahhhh! You are a wizard! Ok going to go sign up for this. Thanks so much for the heads up! xx

  6. I'm not saying ours are any better but we have dancing ponies – youtube.com/watch?v=Ekr05T9Iaio and cats who think they are dogs – youtube.com/watch?v=xIQV9fcUhHw…..which are way better than the verizon ones on the CW 😉 x

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