Kindle Fire HD

My new Kindle Fire HD
The other week I took delivery of a brand new, shiny, 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD from Argos. We’ve long had a standard book reading version of the Kindle in the house, but it’s Jim’s and he inconsiderately takes it to India with him when I am half way through book 3 of GoT and things like that (the cheek hu!). But we don’t have a tablet in the house so this is a welcome addition. 
Within minutes of getting it home Jim had started installing the games he plays and apps he uses on it. He did that before I’d barely had a chance to get my finger prints on the screen. So now the Kindle is his first port of call in the mornings which would be annoying if I wasn’t always running about late for work!
Once I’d manage to prize it from his grubby mitts I started filling it with my stuff. I hooked up my Amazon account and it loaded it with all my previous Kindle purchases, I also downloaded my next few bookclub reads onto it and a couple from my ever growing wish list so I can use it for its main book reading purpose. I need to get on with downloading some magazines on it too!
But as it’s more than just a book reader it’s now it’s all hooked up with my emails, social media and Spotify accounts, so it’s become like a sleeker, fancier, more portable version of my laptop. And I think by adding Pinterest and Evernote it’s become invaluable as a blogging tool too.  
And why did no-one tell me about Netflix – I’ve always thought that since we have sky I didn’t need it. But in the week I’ve had the free trial of it – I think i might be addicted. I started watching Orange is the New Black the other day and I just can’t put it down, even Jim the HD snob was very impressed with the screen and streaming speed. He’s even ‘borrowed’ it for his latest work trip to Dublin. 

The only downside to the whole app shebang is that The Kindle app store is run through by Amazon so it’s a little more limited than the the Google Play store. But as a long time Android user I am fully used to the fact that you don’t get every app as soon as it hits the Apple store so I’m used to make the most of what the store does have. It doesn’t yet have Google apps, so no Google Drive, or Blogger integration for me at the moment – but I’ve started using other apps that have cloud storage so everything is available on my laptop too. 

Pop back later on in the week for a little tutorial in how to make a super quick and awesome case for your tablet too.

(This is a PR collaboration)


  1. We love ours, the best part I think is the Amazon free app of the day – we've got loads of great apps through that 🙂 have fun!

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