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For me it’s not Christmas unless I get a new bit of fun tech – whether it’s to enhance something I already own or it’s something i can completely geek out with I’m happy either way. One year my dad bought me a hard drive and my mum apologised before I opened it not knowing that it was exactly what I needed and wanted. So here is the gift guide for the geeky tech lover in your life! 
1. For the Instagram addict in your life this Sony mobile phone lens would be a dream come true. It fits over the camera on your phone and transforms it into a ‘proper’ camera. Who wouldn’t love that? 2. These Studio Sweden Vasa headphones are completely beautiful. I love a good set over ear cans but sometimes they are just too bulky and when that happens you still need an awesome set of headphones. 3. I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t need a little gadget to turn their phone into a projector – imagine netflix taking over your entire wall! Amazing right? 4. These pocket video cameras from Polaroid are the cutest. We have one for attaching to Flash’s harness and the video quality is great plus it’s really wide angled. 5. Do not settle for a boring laptop. Decal Girl has some stunning stickers to fancy up your laptop. My Surface Pro 3 had this design but there are literally thousands to choose from – you can even have a giant pug face covering your laptop!
What would your ideal techy gift be? 

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