Food + Foto – Savoury Cheese & Spring Onion Cakes

I am taking part in Miss B’s current Souvenir Foto School. The topic – food photography. The plan is for the next 6 weeks to photograph and upload something foody – kind of like making our own little recipe book. I am going to attempt to bake something at least once a week and shoot it for the class. 

And tonight is Iron Cupcake Leeds. It’ll be the first time I’ve entered, the theme is savoury this month and although I don’t think that I’ll be using these cakes {cheese seems like it might be too obvious a choice to make for a savoury theme} I wanted to have a little play and make some savoury cakes – just because it seems so alien an idea!  

But they are absolutely delicious, especially warm, so I think I’ll definitely be making them again. 

p.s I found the recipe here. Such amazing cakes.

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