Fancie Food Night

One of the things I love about Sheffield, especially the bits of Sheffield near me, are all the nice and pretty tasty places to eat. The cupcake store, Fancie, which hosts my bookclub, have recently opened a cafe on Eccelsall Road, and they’re running some foodie evenings. So on Friday evening a group of friends and I found ourselves at their Fish and Seafood evening, where for £28 we had 7, yes that’s 7 delicious courses. And boy, was it tasty.

 The menu {it was BYO too}
 Scallops with cauliflower, cheese and ham crackling – I think this might have been my favourite, but I am a sucker for a good scallop!
 Tuna Carpacio or Tuna, with avocado, grapefruit and fennel. 
 Japanese Salmon and seaweed, ice lettuce and bonitto. 
There was also a Crisp Bass with rice, sambal and spices, but I forgot to photograph that one, the spices were super spicy too, so maybe this was my least favourite course!
 Crab spring roll with a mushroom salad and a soy dressing.
 Devilled Mackerel with rhubarb and orange
And finally, a chocolate and earl grey tart, with Armagnac prunes.
And that’s where the classy part of the night ended and the wine took over. Then the jagerbombs, then the gin. I blame the staff at Fancie, they didn’t even try and kick us out, just let us sit there getting more and more drunk. Oooops. But I would certainly suggest that you take a look at their upcoming nights and get yourself down to one!


  1. Looks fab! The hubby and I are definitely due a trip to Ecclesall Rd for a tea sans baby soon. V.excited. He he. x

    Rebecca at My Pretty Yorkshire Life. Member and owner of Yorkshire Bloggers

    1. Do it. There are a few new nights that have just been announced too – loving the sound of the deep south one!

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