Birthday Lust List

Usually, having a birthday the month after Christmas can be a bit hard because when people ask what you want it stumps you as you’ve just got a load of awesome things. And whilst I did get some very cool stuff for Christmas, seeing what lovely stuff everyone else on Twitter got has given me soooo many ideas of bits I’d really like too, so here is a little birthday lust list (you’ve got 12ish days to get it in the post to me too btw)

1. My one little word is ‘Move’ and my aim for the year is to get off my ass and move more. Being accountable to a little machine like the Fit Bit might make me even more determined to do it. 2. I’ve been lusting after these Orla DAB radios for the longest time. Everyone needs a little bit of music in their lives don’t they and one that looks this good is a must have. 3. This little Anthro candle is beautiful. Just look at the colour. 4. I think I might be a little in love with almost everything from the Tarr and Fether Comrade collection. But this ring is so cute, and made in Sheffield too! 5. I’ve never owned a ‘proper’ handbag. It’s never been something within my price range, but one day I’ll have one to treasure. Maybe one like this lovely little Kate Spade number.

What are you lusting after this January? Or did you get everything your heart desired for Christmas? 


  1. I'm enjoying everything Orla lately and that radio is lush! I love the Kate Spade handbag as well, I wish I was a trillionaire x

    1. Oh, yes, to be a trillionaire would be amazing. But then the problem would be *which* amazing handbag to use? You'd have to match them to your shoes! x

  2. What a great list. I am obsessed with cushions and prints at the moment as we have just moved. Also towels. And paint. But otherwise all is good I guess. I might do one of these for my birthday next month though 🙂

    1. I know the feeling. I am always dreaming of beautiful prints and I love a good cushion too! Hope decorating the new place is going well. X

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