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Relaxing isn’t something that I do all that often, there is always something else to do. Yesterday however, with Jim in India, and a long puppy walk under our belt I thought that I’d sit down and relax and do nothing. And, well, I did 2 lots of washing, cleaned the bedroom, made and ordered our Christmas cards and I still felt guilty about not doing anything. I am such a loser sometimes. One day I might learn to just do nothing…..unless that’s not what relaxing is about.

How do you relax?


  1. I don't think relaxing is doing nothing. I love to read but when there is dirty laundry, dishes to be done and so on I cannot relax. Yoga is relaxing, running is relaxing, climbing is relaxing, listening to music is relaxing. Sitiing in a bath with scented candles is not, for me, any kind of relaxation – it just makes me think of all the things I should be doing and I usually end up cleaning the grouting when I try it! What makes you feel calm and happy? I think walking your gorgeous puppy sounds pretty relaxing to me?

    1. Haha. I hate baths baths because they just give me time to make more mental lists of stuff I have to do…..and yes, I would totally be cleaning the grout too…..which reminds me. The bathroom needs a good scrub.

  2. I can't relax by just sitting around and doing nothing either. My ideal type of relaxation is making a few lists, reading some blogs and planning something, usually whilst there's a cake baking in the oven! 🙂 x

    1. Oooooh. If there is cake in the oven. I'll be right over. Yeah. I am not one to just sit still and do nothing….and reading blogs takes up a lot of time 😉

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