BEDN – Leaving on Jet Plane

We’ve been planning a bit of an epic trip for quite a while. It’s something we’ve been dreaming of for such a long time but things just keep coming  up (this winter it’s buying a house – that has to be a good excuse doesn’t it!) 

The plan would be to fly out to Vancouver (A) and to spend a few days there visiting friends. Vancouver is a city that I’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time. I have 2 different friend living there too, so I really ought to. Then we’d head to Whistler (B) for a week on the slopes and in the amazing Canadian snow. And then back to Vancover for another few days. 

Next we’d get our hands on a car and make the journey over the border into America, to Seattle (C) for some serious eating. Jim watches a lot of the food network, so he’s got a lot a list of places he wants to try. And I want to check out Portland (D). I read too many blogs and own too many pairs of Converse you see 😉 

The journey, if we could have the time off work, would continue down the coast to California. I’ve been to Cali a few times but I love it and Jim’s never been so it’d be an ace journey – if we can make it that far. Our plan then would be to head a little in land to Mammoth (G) – I spent a winter living in Mammoth so it would be amazing to go back and see how much it’s changed, even for a day. The route would then wind us down to L.A (I) for the flight out, but not before we’ve hit up San Francisco (E), again, we have a list of restaurants to try and sights to see, Monterey (F) and Big Sur (H) for some literary reliving of Cannery Row and all the Jack Kerouak novels. 

So, what do you think? An amazing trip, no?


  1. This sounds like a right good do!
    My family & I did a couple of travelling holidays round those parts – SF and Seattle were my favourite places. Both cities have such a good feeling about them, I'd love to go back, especially to Seattle and experience it as an adult rather than a 15 year old who just wanted to visit the shops. Our friends had a beautiful little cabin on a lake somewhere out of Seattle where we'd spend all day swimming, water ski-ing, out in the canoe, eating fresh BBQ corn…ahhh bliss! I hope you do go so you can post all the pictures and make us even more envious!

  2. Oh wow this sounds completely amazing – can I come?! All of those places are on my list to visit. We're heading over to the States next summer for a bike tour (guided) around the "Wild West" – seriously cannot wait.

  3. Portland is AMAZING, my favourite place on earth. Allow yourself plenty of time there, as there's so much to see and enjoy – a lot of it of the just 'hanging out' variety. Seattle I liked too, but more the outer bits than the actual CBD which is a usual big city really. And in SF just don't stay in the CBD, it's so busy and boring and, again, just like any city. The Castro/Mission/Russian Hill/nasically any outer area are much more characterful.

    1. haha – i got what you meant. I've been to San Fran a few time and yes, the outer areas are much nicer aren't they. But Portland seems like a great place to 'just hang out', which i think we might need some time to do given the rest of the trip.

  4. It sounds fantastic – I really hope you get to do it. Vancouver is where we were going to live at one point before M relinquished his residency to live with me in London.

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