BEDN – The Great Outdoors

Having Flash in our lives means that we spend a lot more time outside. His favourite place is our local skuzzy park but that’s mostly because all that is involved there is him chasing chasing chasing the ball and he loves that more than anything. 
I prefer taking him to the General Cemetery or to the woods. The cemetery, as I have mentioned before, is stunning. It closed in the 60’s to new graves and everything is old and worn and overgrown. It is 10 minutes from our house. There are monuments for steel tycoons and the rich Sheffield folk of the 19th and early 20th century at every turn. There is an Eygptian gate house. There are also sometimes creepy men doing pelvic thrusts on the steps of the mausoleum too but lets ignore that shall we. There are rumours that there are crypts full of cholera victims. There is a beautiful and bricked up church. There are plenty of places for Flash to pick up the oldest, mankiest sticks known to man. 
But more importantly, if you time it just right, with your phone in hand, there is an abundance of stunning shots, with beautifully lit trees to stumble upon. 

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