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Gah, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to help people with their blogging. I’m not sure that I have any pearls of wisdom to share at all! I am going to be reading posts with some vigour though in case I can glean any super tips from the rest of the BEDN-ers. I am constantly in awe of bloggers who work a full time job, live interesting lives AND manage to blog about them. I’m even more impressed with craft and food bloggers who work and manage to post recipes and how to’s regularly – I just don’t know where you find the time (especially now it’s winter and light is at a premium) And fashion bloggers. Having your photo’s taken all the time. Props to you. I hate posing for pictures. 
But despite not being the greatest, whittiest, prettiest blogger, I love having a corner of the internet to say what ever I want. I know that some 3D friends take the piss out of me for blogging and it used to upset me but i now know they aren’t worth worrying about. Blogging has opened some lovely doors for me. It makes me try new things and I’ve met some wonderful people – in real life and online so in fairness I think the piss takers are the ones missing out.
The one thing that I have done this year, that I’ll be carrying through to next year is having a diary to plan my blog posts in. I made a Personal Planner last January. When I started using it, it was specifically for this blog but quickly became my everyday diary, but with space for my blogging too. Before I was quite adhoc with my posts but having somewhere to organise them and think about them, makes it easier to plan. 
How do you plan your blog posts?


  1. Boo to the piss takers. People will often mock what they don't understand.
    I like the idea of a blog planner, BEDN has helped me to plan by having topics when I normally just do what I can, when I can.

    1. It's good isn't it. I love having a prompt, although life has been so busy lately that I've been useless at scheduling posts. oooops.

  2. I've also liked the discipline of having a topic to rite about. Otherwise I'm inclined to ramble in an unstructured way which would scare off any potential readers/commenters. I'm toying with the idea of theming my blog so it has more focus and structure – the theme I'm thinking of at the moment is literature but that may change.

    1. I love focused blogs. This is so all over the place that sometimes I think I ought to add some structure. I'll be keeping an eye out to see what you decide.

  3. I feel the same would happen to me with my 3D friends and admitting about my blog, so even four years after starting it, they still don't know about it. I don't mind it being that way in honesty, I don't think they'd understand it anyway. I only just started using a notebook a couple of months ago for my blog and it's really helped, it's certainly not organised but its nice to have somewhere to note down my ideas. That or I just start a load of blogs in draft form and work on them as and when .;. saying that I end up (as I do right now) have other 30 blogs in draft form … oops!

    1. I didn't mention this to any of my 3D friends for such a long time. It was when they joined twitter they found me and the mocking began.
      Being a bit more organised is really helping me blogging but i still have looooooads of blogs in draft form too!

  4. Ignore those crazy people, I've only been reading your blog a few weeks and already I love it! Since I'm sat at a computer at work all day, I tend to plan everything using Google docs and calendars. That way, I put together a proper editorial plan and schedule everything in. I find that keeps me on track.

    1. Aw. Thank you. That's lovely to hear. I have a lot of draft posts in Google docs, so i can access them on my phone, but i love actually planning in a diary.

  5. I think having a planner sounds good. I find it so hard to cook when it is light that I post no recipes anymore which I miss.

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