BEDM 4 – I love photo’s!

I think I fell in love with having photos as a teenager. I was always the one with a camera. Always taking snapshots of our holidays, trips away, nights out and birthdays which has left me in a great position now as I hold all the incriminating pictures of our drum and bass clubbing years, of all the bad hair cuts and ridiculous fashion choices. All the things that shouldn’t have been captured on film, and all the things that will stay in a photo album and not be published on the internet! 
And as much as I love social media now, I honestly can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that my formative years were spent without Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Without digital cameras in our phones ready to capture every embarassing moment. Without the need to worry that the whole world would see just how bad my hair was in the days prior to GHD’s. 
But we do live in a world of picture sharing and now I’m past the days when I’d worry about what people saw, I love that we have social media. I love that i can show you what I had for lunch, and my new purchases for the house and Flash. Mostly I love that I can show you Flash! 
But I also love that I can see into other people’s worlds too, and here are a few of my favourite Instagrammers. I love them for their beautiful pictures, for the puppy pictures, for the fact that I just like spying on their lives. I hope you discover some new people to insta-spy on too; 

Right, so who are your favourite Instagrammers? Who should I be following? And if you’re on Instagram – leave me your details…….. 

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