A tour of Sheffield – London Road

I want to start sharing with you some of my favourite places in my little corner of Sheffield.

Today we’re looking at the London Road/ Abbeydale Road area, the official title round here is the antiques quarter as we have so many little antiquey type shops with cabinets and corners full of trinkets and furniture, but it should really be called the international supermarket quarter. (You can buy anything you want, at pretty much any time of day within a 5 minute walk.) Mostly though, as you’ll see, I like to eat and drink around here.

A – Forge Bake House. This amazing little bakery opened about a year ago round the corner from my house. Since then I happily site the almond croissants as the reason I will never be thin. But they do a wonderful line in bread. It’s become a weekend routine. Dog walk. Forge for bread. Eat eat eat.

B – Amici and Bici is a really new addition to the neighbourhood, but it’s a wonderful one. Its a bicycle themed, italian styles cafe with freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee that I am told is delicious and wonderful sarnies and cakes. Their cups have beautiful little bikes on them too. https://www.facebook.com/AmiciandBici

C – The Rude Shipyard is a super cute cafe and 2nd hand bookshop. They do great salads and sarnies during the day and in the evenings have supper clubs and book clubs. They also do a great chocolate guinness cake. And let you in with pups. http://therudeshipyard.com/

D – Amigo’s started as a little cafe on the corner with plastic garden furniture. Its move to a massive restaurant now and although it’s not quite as good as it used to be, Mexican food is my weakness! Its also BYO and super cheap. http://amigossheffield.com/

E – If you nee me on a friday night, about 7pm, check the Cremorne. It’s not the nicest of drinking environments, but they sell decent beers, O’hara’s rum and let us bring the dog in. Also, if you drink 10 pints between you (not all to me, obvz) you get a free pizza. http://bit.ly/14ME674

F – Pho 68 was our ‘go to’ restaurant for the longest time. It’s pretty cheap, plentiful and they do amazing salt and pepper squid. If you go in a group, you really don’t need a main course each. trust me. http://www.pho68.co.uk/gallery.html
Photo – @pinklittlebean

G – Zeugma is all about the meat. It’s a Turkish restaurant where the food is all grilled on open flames pretty much in front of you and is uber tasty. There are 2 restaurants on London road too. http://www.zeugmaiki.co.uk/

H – If you want a comedy night out, then The Crown is the place to be. Especially at the weekend. It’s a proper old mans pub, complete with ‘a turn’ on a friday and saturday night. And massively full of characters.

I – Diddy Cool Ices sells locally made ice cream. You can buy cones, pots and ice cream sandwiches as well as tubs and milkshakes. They also deliver. Yes. home delivery ice cream! http://diddycool.com/

J – The Bell Jar is a new pub for London Road. It’s trying to be hipster but *might* be scally. I can’t tell. But they have a big beer garden and we’ve heard a rumour there’s hip-hop kareoke at the weekend. https://www.facebook.com/TheBellJarSheffield

K – The Broadfield is probably one of our favourite places to drink and eat locally. They do delicious pies and meals, loads of local beers and chorizo crisps. Yes, chorizo crisps. There’s also a huge beer garden. Plus they let pups in everywhere but the food side. http://www.thebroadfield.co.uk/

L – The Vault is one of the many antiquey shops in the area selling cure furniture pieces and little trinkets.

M – Steel City Cakes is another new-ish addition. You can pick up a huge slice of pretty tasty cake and a drink for £2.50. https://www.facebook.com/SteelCityCakes 

N – Swallows and Damsons is a super cute flower shop. The flowers are always beautiful, and their vases and pots are lovely. They have just started doing flower arranging workshops that look amazing too. http://www.swallowsanddamsons.com/ 

O – Ozmans. The international supermarket of international supermarkets. It’s open 24 hrs and has a great bakery and butchers in it.
P – Harrisons Camera They develop 120mm film. Yes. 120. I love it. Plus they are really helpful if you need camera advice. http://www.harrisoncameras.co.uk/

Phew. Maybe I eat out too much 😉 But this is my immediate neighbourhood and some of our haunts.

Are you in Sheffield? Where are your favourite places? I’m going to be expanding my map to cover the places I love so your thoughts on where I should be checking out would be appreciated.


  1. Good selections of reviews here, but you profiled the whole of the area and missed the great Abbeydale Road institution that is Bragazzis!? It's the place the Abbeydale Road resurgence started

    1. Good point, but this is a list of the places that I like and go a lot, rather than a tour of the area. I know there are quite a few places missing. For example, I don't like India food so there are a lot of Indian restaurants, like East West, that I am told are great but never eat at. Bragazzi's wouldn't make my list either as the few times I've eaten there it's not been great. (plus, unless you're dressed to the nines and have a full face of makeup and an expensive handbag you really shouldn't go in!)
      But I know they are super popular so I am not sure they'll mind too much 😉

    2. Do you reckon? I find it really bohemian in there and full of the nether edge hippy middle class types.
      People do rave about East and West but I think Dhanistas (opposite the Rude Shipyard, serves the same style food) is a bit better. It's worth a shot even if you don't like Indian food, because it's more Sri Lankan the food is quite different to your normal Indian restaurant.

    3. Haha, it's the nether edge hippies that have the full faces of make up and the disparaging looks at my dog walking scruff usually!
      I might suggest Dhanistas then the next time Jim fancies Indian food. I am a bit of a spice wimp, but mostly I hate coriander and as a generalisation Indian restaurants use it in everything – that's what puts me off it as a food type.

  2. Where are Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z? Do I sense another blog post to follow this up? Very cool format and I enjoyed learning about all the yummy places to eat in Sheffield.
    Claire xx

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